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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have a crush on NBC's Brian Williams

My Facebook pals have heard me proclaim this from time to time, and now you get to read about it too.

I, Kimberly A. Morales, have a massive news crush on Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News.

It's not like I want to throw him down and make babies with him; it's not that kind of crush at all. Don't get me wrong: Brian is a very attractive man, perhaps the most attractive of major network anchors. But what makes my toes curl about him is his delivery. Brian could read the ingredients off the back of a box of Pop Tarts and I would find it the most fascinating piece of news on the planet.

Now, I grew up on Tom Brokaw, another stellar NBC news anchor whom almost everyone has heard of at some point in their lives. Tom's confident delivery of the news made me believe in him so much that I still think he should run for President of The United States someday. But there's something about Brian Williams that makes me want to buy whatever he's selling, even if he is only reading the news of the day. He's so serious, so forthright, so secure in his delivery that I can't help but listen to him, no matter how devastating the news.

But Brian is not without a sense of humor, though. He's made appearances on the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (my late night crush, swoonswoonswoon), and has even hosted Saturday Night Live. Sometimes he'll do quick pieces for the Today Show, dramatically reading morning banter that makes his daytime colleagues chuckle just as heartily as I do. He knows what he sounds like and doesn't mind poking fun at himself, another extremely attractive feature in any crush. His Robert Redford brow and his seemingly unending collection of diagonally striped ties never cease to amaze me. Honestly, in my eyes, the man can do no wrong.

Brian, I doubt you'll ever read this, but if you do, know this: nothing would make me happier than to have you read one of my PGEW posts - recipe included - on the news. Since I know that can never happen, having you feature me on your Making A Difference segment would be just as awesome, though I'm only making a difference locally for now. If that doesn't work, perhaps you could do a dramatic reading of my forthcoming book for an audiobook exclusive. The conviction in your voice would make my work sound so credible, it would take but a few signatures to include it on a ballot and turn it into law. Perhaps we could work together, you with your serious voice, me with the "sultry secretary" sound my voiceover clients all request that I use.

But even if none of that happened, I would still race home every weekday after work, just to catch you on the Nightly News.

Which I actually do everyday.


ania said...

I agree. He's quite lovely.

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