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Monday, January 31, 2011

Onward & Upward (and outward, even) in 2011

Okay, so I'm a little late checking in for the new year.  The good news is that it's because (so far) 2011 has not sucked!  I'm slowly getting into the role & duties of my new job, PGEW's doing well, and I have several new projects up my sleeve, one of which I can't wait to share with many of my PGEW readers.

But aside from all that, I have great plans for 2011.  While most people do the whole resolution thing, I prefer goals & plans.  They're pretty much the same, but without the negative connotations & pressure that the word "resolution" brings along with it.  Goals seem to offer you something to hope for, to strive for; they're positive and make you want to achieve something good.  Resolutions, to me, just seem so cut & dry.  Final.  Like if you don't follow through that's it.  You officially suck.

So what do I have planned for this year?  Exactly what the title of this posting suggests: to move onward, upward and outward in my life. 

I've said it once and I'll say it again: 2010 SUCKED.  Not all of it did, but for the most part it was very unkind to me and my loved ones and I'm glad it's gone.  But the things I went through, no matter how difficult, shaped my mindset for this year and the years to come.  Rather than dwell on how awful everything was, which I'll admit I'm prone to doing, I'm moving on.  Yes, things sucked, but nothing killed me.  I'm still here.  I'm scarred but quite a bit stronger.  I can take the lessons I learned in 2010 and apply them to make 2011 much better.  I'm shedding the bad from last year like an old skin and moving forward in my new skin.  Not that there won't be challenges, but they'll be this year's, not last year's. 

I have a new job and from what I'm learning about it, it's one with some serious potential for advancement.  Granted, I don't have to treat this as my one & only career, but I love knowing that I'm in a challenging position that will take me further in life.  The past couple jobs I've had have been interesting, but they've also seemed a bit.... dead-end.  I wasn't going anywhere with them.  They were just jobs in which I stagnated.  Now I might have the opportunity to move up, and that's pretty awesome. 

I also have the chance to move upward with Poor Girl Eats Well.  I've worked so hard on that blog for the past two years and it's finally looking like it might pay off.  Nothing's set in stone yet, but there are some fabulous opportunities for moving up in my food blogging ventures.  We'll see what happens!

No, I don't plan for my secretary spread to keep spreading (in fact, I've already lost a few inches off my hips, now that I'm motivated to move again.  I love being on the I Have A Job Now & Don't Need to Stress As Much plan...).  What I mean by "outward" is that I plan to quit isolating.  Granted, this is easier said than done, considering the fact that I'm a writer and trying to go places with that.  That sort of thing requires a fair amount of alone time to be with one's thoughts and concentrate. 

But I've become quite a loner over the past couple of years, and I hate that.  A combination of stress, anxiety, and just not having the ability to do even the simplest things because I had no money, made me hole up in my house and turn down a lot of invitations. When you can't afford a simple cup of coffee, there's just no point in saying "yes" when someone invites you someplace.  And though there are plenty of free things to do, when you're stressed/depressed/anxious because homelessness is on the very near horizon, you're just not good company.  Who wants to hang around with a moping worrywart? 

However, I'm a social person by nature, so this isolation has really been bugging me.  Don't get me wrong: I LOVE being alone.  But I hate being lonely (big difference), and isolation begets loneliness.  Though many of my friends are strewn across the country or married w/children, I miss going out and meeting new people.  So this year, I'm moving outward and going places.  I may not be able to do the 5-6 concerts a month thing like I used to, especially now that I have so many PGEW obligations.  But I can go to a lunch or dinner every now & then.  Maybe catch a play.  Or just have a cup of coffee outside of my own home so I can people-watch in bliss.  I may love my Me Time, but this Me needs to hang out with some Them this year.

* * * * *

So that's about it, really.  Just three simple goals that may seem pretty nebulous to some, but they work for me.  It's stuff I can work on throughout the year so there's none of that evil pressure most goals/resolutions/plans end up carrying with them.  2011's been pretty great so far, and I look forward to what else it will bring.  But most importantly, I look forward to what I will bring to it.

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