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Monday, February 7, 2011

Photo of the Week: Look Ma! Matching Shoes!

That's right, folks!  For the first time since before Thanksgiving, I am finally back in matching shoes.  Mr. Toe is still not 100% happy, but the foot is happy to be back in a proper shoe!  It's been weird to learn how to walk normally after 3 months of lopsidedness, but I've pretty much gotten the hang of it again.  I even took a walk for lunch today!  Woo!

Let's all enjoy my Chucks, shall we?  :)

Terribly unladylike to prop my feet up on my desk like this, but dammit!  I'm wearing matching shoes!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

simple pleasures...

  • Swirly, misty, Colin-Firth-in-a-wet-white-shirt-in-Pride-and-Prejudice foggy mornings
  • The way freshly baked brownies fill every room in my apartment with the most delightful aroma
  • Mail.  Real mail, made of paper, and not of the bill persuasion
  • Making my daddy belly laugh so hard he starts coughing
  • Laughing so hard at my daddy's stupid jokes I start to sneeze
  • Hearing the pride in my mom's voice whenever I mention an accomplishment
  • Sandpaper kisses from my foul-tempered, pink-nosed, odd-eyed, beautiful StuKitty
  • Hana's sweet little trilling meow
  • Finding that extra $5 bill in an old coat
  • Making guys nervous with just a hint of a smile and a slightly raised eyebrow
  • The first few sips of a lovely Zinfandel
  • Learning how to walk in matching shoes after months of hobbling around with a broken toe & metatarsal
  • Being called beautiful even if I'm in my jammies, beanie and braids
  • Walking by the river, deep within my own thoughts, only to be distracted by the elderly couple that still holds hands and kisses on their favorite bench
  • Talking to friends on the phone (or talking on the phone period!)
  • Having a good job; and liking it
  • Being almost 35 and consistently getting mistaken for being 22

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