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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Randomness...

  • The first few days of my new job were beyond quiet, but I got my "trial by fire" day yesterday!  It was a super busy, weird day that I had to get through blindly, but I survived!!!  Totally diggin' the fact that the head MD thinks I "rock", too. :D
  • Speaking of work, I still can't get over the fact that I have a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!  *does a Snoopy happy dance*
  • Overheard on light rail this morning: "Kid, I'm not gay, but if I was... if I WAS!  You wouldn't be able to run away.  Mm, mm, mm."  (And a Happy New Year to you, too?)
  • Seriously in love with my two "big" Christmas presents from me mum: a gorgeous antique amethyst cross and this super-swank zebra-print overnighter w/red accents.  All my presents were pretty awesome, but these two were beyond amazing!  As is my mama.  :)
  • Can't believe this year - and this decade - is almost over.  Most of it was absolute shit, but there were some pretty awesome moments in it, too.  I'll look back at both fondly, knowing the awesome bits were awesome and the crappy bits made me stronger. 
  • So it looks like I may be spending NYE alone, which is completely unfun!  New Year's Eve is one of my 3 favorite holidays (Halloween & my birthday being the other two), and I need to get out and flip the bird to 2010!!!  But if I can't, I have an even better, more economical plan for my New Year's Eve: a complete top-to-bottom cleaning/purging of my apartment.  I did that several years ago and woke up the next day feeling completely renewed & refreshed, which is something I really need to feel.  Yeah... I think that might not be a bad plan if I can't go out & play.  Only this year, I'm adding champagne.  ;)
  • Amazing how something like having a job can make such a difference in one's life.  I know I keep going back to this, but I just can't help it.  My negative stress level is decreasing exponentially, so much so that this pair of jeans is now officially falling off my hips and I'll be able to jump into the next size down very soon.  Am I the only person on Earth who loses weight when she's not stressed? 
  • I have a funny feeling that 2011 might rock.  I'll be kicking it off with Interpol and enjoying more IFBC in the summer.  Not much else planned so far except for the book writing, but that's sure to keep me busy, too!  Definitely looking forward to what this new year brings... they say that odd numbered years are generally more lucky than the evens, so let's see what happens!
Happy New Year, everyone!


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